Specialist & Safety Floors

There are many forms of specialist floors from Sports floors which offer cushioning and stability through to raised awareness floorcoverings which aid the visually impaired.

A selection of the specialist floorcoverings we install are listed below, if you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will be happy to help.

Impervious Carpets

These carpets are produced with a specialised backing that protects the subfloor from liquid saturation. They are very tough in quality in order to deal with wheelchair use and are produced with high stain resistance qualities; some manufacturers also include a treatment to discourage microbial growth to reduce the risk of passing germs and infections.

Impervious carpets are only available in sheet form and are all adhered to a prepared subfloor.

Tread Alert

This is a rubber tile with raised ribs that act as a tactile surface warning for the visually impaired to recognise a change in level, it is predominately used at the approach (top and bottom) of a flight of internal stairs.

Tread Alert is manufactured by Gradus Ltd and is to be fully adhered to a prepared subfloor using manufacturers recommended adhesives.

Acoustic Flooring

This flooring is produced with a sound insulation layer to reduce noise in confined areas where sound is easily carried. Made using multi-layered vinyl it has antistatic properties and is produced in either sheet or tile form.

The closed cell foam backing offers the sound insulation, this is then reinforced by a glass fibre grid before the surface wear layer is adhered to, each layer of this floor is treated with an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment as it is often used throughout the healthcare industry in hospitals and medical practices.

Sports Flooring

For sports halls and sporting environments, specialist floorcoverings are required to offer protection, slip resistance and cushioning.

Safety Floorcoverings

Slip-resistant floors are made from vinyl which is impregnated with quartz crystals, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles to improve traction and safety underfoot.

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