There is a wide choice of product solutions for stairs and floors for all types of environments including commercial offices, retail, leisure, education & healthcare.

All products are developed with safety at the forefront of their design with a wide choice of slip-resistant inserts and profiles to effectively contribute to the reduction in the risk of accidents.

Stair Edgings

These are strips which are placed at the edge of a step to define and highlight stair edges and increase slip resistance to improve safety.

They are manufactured with varying textures to suit different environments and levels of foot traffic, and are produced in an array of colours to suit aesthetic requirements and safety.

Complimentary Stair Trims

For open sided stairs, there are trims available to neatly finish the open edge. These are available in various shapes and sizes, to suit individual staircases and are available in bronze, aluminium and various coloured PVC.

Tread Alert Tactile Surface

This is a rubber tile with raised ribs that act as a tactile surface warning for the visually impaired to recognise a change in level, it is to be used at the approach (top and bottom) of a flight of internal stairs.

Stair Rods

These are used on internal staircases to provide an executive finish; traditionally made of brass, and can be installed either on a stair runner or wall to wall.

Safety Track

Made with silicone carbide resin with a self-adhesive backing this is adhered to the surface of the floor to offer slip resistance, having a ‘sand paper’ like texture it is an ideal product which is easily laid both internally and externally.

Wall & Corner Protection

Armaclad manufacture various wall and corner protection, offering rubrails, kickplates, pushplates and corner guards.

Rubrails – These are made from 1.5mm thick Sanparrel PVC-u sheet, which is cut into either a thick band to be adhered just below half wall, or a wide sheet from the skirtings to part way up the way, this is just to protect interior walls from impact, scraps, and dirt transfer.

Kick and Push Plates – These are again 1.5mm thick Sanparrel sheet which is adhered to doors to protect from impact from trolleys, wheelchairs and beds etc.

Corner guards – These are made from PVC-u, which is adhered to each corner to protect from pedestrians, they can also be used to highlight obstacles and corners for the visually impaired.

Skirtings and Capping Trim

There are many ways of finishing a floorcovering, in commercial environments these simple finishing accesories can prove to be a vital item in terms of reducing risk of spreading bacteria.

Set-in Skirtings are adhered to the wall and floor prior to installation of a resilient floorcovering, and where the flooring meets the skirting a groove is formed and a heat seam weld is placed in and cut, this will then form a seal between wall and floor.

Sit-on Skirtings – This is often used as an alternative to traditional timber skirtings in vinyl floor areas but unlike set-in skirting is not welded to the main floor.

Flat skirting – These are used with textile floorcoverings to provide a neat and low maintenance alternative to timber skirtings, they are adhered to the wall prior to installation.

Cove & Capping – An alternative to having a skirting is to continue the resilient floorcovering up the wall, by adhering a coveformer at the base of the wall, and a capping trim 100mm up the wall prior to installation, the floor is then curved by the coveformer up the wall and will sit under the capping trim, thus creating a neat finish which ‘tanks’ the room. This is used often in healthcare environments as it provides a hygienic finish.

Transition Strips

These are strips which bridge the gap between different floorcoverings, bridging height gaps and reducing the risk of a trip hazard.

Cleaning & Maintenance Products

The longevity and appearance of a floor can be enhanced using manufacturers’ specialist cleaning and maintenance products.

We stock Amtico, Altro, Karndean, Kahrs, and Marmoleum cleaning products and can obtain those from other manufacturers upon request.

If you require advice on the maintenance of your flooring please do not hesitate to contact us.

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