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Intumescent Paint

We offer services that allow clients to meet legislative requirements when it comes to achieving the correct level of fire resistance, which is especially important for public buildings and spaces such as hotels etc. There are two main types of paint that we work with:

Fire retardant paints are applied to flammable materials (wood, plastic, foam) and they work by reducing the rate of flame spread. On becoming hot, they release a flame dampening gas. Typically, they are based on silicone, casein or vinyl resins.

Fire resistant coatings provide insulation to the substrate, they char and swell, expanding their volume from 15 to 30 times and generating an insulating layer that erodes as fire exposure continues, which in turn, protects materials from heat generated by fire.

For Fire protection, we use products such as Bollom (fully fire tested to BS476) and Sherwin Williams (solvent free epoxy intumescent coatings for hydrocarbon fire protection).

Contract Wallcoverings

Contract wallcovering brands we work with include Tektura, Dixon-Turner and Muraspec, offering the option for digital and bespoke designs on wallpaper, window, glass, film or acrylic and unusual textures. Muraspec’s decorative panels such as their Impressions and Luminor range can also be used for partitions, ceilings and wall claddings. For smooth and low porosity surfaces a dry erase write on, wipe off product is a fun and innovative solution that can be used for meeting spaces or heavy traffic areas.

Heavy duty coverings and bar top varnishes

For bar tops and heavy-duty installations, we work with Morells products, which offer options for colour-mixing, bespoke stain-matching for a seamless finish or for more unusual colours.

We offer various wood finishes both interior and architectural coatings as well as VLi polyurethane lacquers, clear acrylic polyurethane lacquers and VLi clear polyester lacquers. These products have outstanding resistance to abrasion, heat, chemical or water ingression. The clear acrylic polyurethane lacquers are also non-yellowing, providing a long-lasting finish. For an authentic aged look, we can also achieve patinas which are spray applied over lacquer coat or sealer.

Chemical Resistant Floor Paint

We can install high-quality resin flooring products to comply with industry standards. Resin flooring has excellent performance characteristics, including durability, impact resistance, chemical resistance and hygienic finishes. Resin comes in several finishes, including smooth, clear, coloured, decorative and textured. Anti-slip aggregate can also be added to help eliminate slips.

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